Graduated in 2019 in both Aerospace Engineering and Science Communcation/Communication Design for Innovation from Delft University of Technology, I am currently working at the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre and contributing to making aviation more sustainable. I am deeply convinced that the challenges we face in that domain cannot be met with technology alone. As such, I am happy to apply my skills, knowledge and experience — moving towards a more holistic approach that looks beyond the cold facts to recognise the important social and societal aspects of the future of air transport.

Besides my role at NLR, I’m a self-employed web developer for various companies and non-profits. During my student career, I’ve held several (full-time as well as part-time) board functions and worked as an intern for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and strategic communication consultancy firm Reputatiegroep. As you might have guess by now, my interests are varied and range from aviation to optimisation, from culture to journalism and from design and photography to reputation management and strategy. I read a bunch on all these topics, and every once in a while, I write an article of my own.

About this website

Many times, I’ve started to develop a portfolio-like website. Getting that off the ground in the exact way I wanted, however, always turned out to take more time than I had available. Until I ran into the McLuhan-theme, which ticked 90% of the items on my wishlist. One day of programming and another day for gathering content (okay, and one more for translating) proved to be enough to get all this online.¬†Yay for open-source!

Wait a second… a web developer that doesn’t make everything from scratch? Yup, that’s right. In every project I complete, there is some code handwritten by me, but I always try to find the most efficient way to reach my goal – or, if you hire me, yours. If it’s possible, taking a readily available high-quality¬† theme (or plug-in, or framework, or …) and using that as a basis saves a lot of time. And money.

Have you too thought about something, but can’t you get it online? Maybe, I’m able to help out. Not interested, but did you instead come looking for the privacy statement? Found it!