Airport History

When travelling through the United States and Canada as part of a university study trip, I met Marnix Groot. He told us he was working on a website to share his passion – the history of airports worldwide – with other aviation enthousiasts around the world. Not much later, he launched Airport History. Once in a while, Marnix posts an update with interesting new content, along with great and often unique imagery.

In order to protect all these visuals, I developed a simple online tool that allows Marnix to add a copyright-banner to his images. This clearly gives credit, but doesn’t impact the picture by adding a watermark. The tool allows for uploading individual pictures or do a batch procress and font and colouring options match the appearance of the rest of the website.

Of course, this is not an airtight solution to copyright problems. Ultimately, if you don’t want people using your material, you shouldn’t post it online. However, most aviation enthousiasts (people passionate about any shared interest, I think) respect each others work and contributions and leave copyright bar be. As such, any image that is shared helps spreading the word about Airport History!

In addition to developing this specific tool, I help out every now and then with other website issues.

Type Commercial
Client(s) Airport History
Duration 09/2019 - 11/2019