AirportHistory Digital Library

For a number of years, is the go-to website when it comes to the history of the world’s airports. In order to expand beyond articles alone to photos, brochuers and other memorabilia, founder Marnix Groot and I followed up our previous collaboration for the development of an online library: the AirportHistory Digital Library.

The website is built around e-commerce platform WooCommerce. Indeed: fellow enthousiasts can purchase an directly download (digital) copies of photographs, reports, newspaper clippings and other historic content. Since the website was launched, it has grown to over 150 articles.

The website was developed in some 60 hours, spread out over a four-month period. This was possible by taking an existing WordPress-theme as basis, rather than starting from scratch. Nevertheless, various specific features and functionalities were built into the website. Preview photos that are shown, for example, are automatically watermarked and when people download a PDF-file from the library, it is personalised to include the buyers name.

Type Commercial
Client(s) Airport History
Duration 08/2020 - 12/2020