Alta Medical

Alta Medical is a Dutch advisory firm in the health care and personal injury sector. By combining the expertise of both medical professionals with a stronger background in health care and medical advisors with judicial expertise, the organisation aims to do right to people suffering from personal injury.

The development of the Alta Medical-website was guided by two core concepts. Showing the aforementioned ‘four eyes principle’ was first; followed by the need to strike a balance between providing enough information without burying visitors in detail.

The first goal was mostly achieved by using clear photo- and iconography, as shown on the screenshot above. The second objective was realised by using so-called modal windows – a modern approach to the classic pop-up. Using the modal windows, addional details are shown in an overlay, without interrupting the flow of the home page.

The website is designed for use on both large and small screens and of course complies with all GDPR- and cookie-regulations. Various external tools provide Alta Medical with additional insights about the behaviour of website visitors, allowing the company to further improve their communication, website and service.

Type Commercial
Client(s) Alta Medical B.V.
Duration 07/2018 - 05/2019