In their firm EnergieOntwikkelaar, Tertius Hanekamp and Wouter van der Burg concern themselves with “strategic questions on the interface of the energy transition, business innovation and spatial planning”. Following a succesful collaboration with Tertius in 2017 (for TEMAH’s website), he reached out to me for this new job.

The website built for EnergieOntwikkelaar closely resembles TEMAH’s. Ultimately, both are based on the freely available WordPress-theme Baskerville. Besides adjustments to the colour scheme and white space, I have added a project overview page, including a detailed information box shown in the sidebar. The header image changes on every page.

Type Commercial
Client(s) EnergieOntwikkelaar
Duration 02/2018 - 05/2018, 12/2018 - 03/2019
Website www.energieontwikkelaar.nl