Festival Aangeschoten Wild (data-analytics web-app)

How are ticket sales? Where do our customers come from? How many of the people on our guest list actually show up? Which marketing channels are most useful? What time do people arrive at the festival – and what does that mean for the number of people we need to welcome them all?

Interesting and relevant questions, which Stichting Festival Aangeschoten Wild could not answer. Until 2016. Over the course of two festival editions, an online data-analytics suite was developed, based on charting library Highcharts. A highlight of some of the things the system can do:

  • Insight into sale and use of tickets, bar tokens and merchandise – updated every 15 minutes as long as sales are open.
  • Insights into customers’ background (where have they heard from the festival, where do they live?) presented in both absolute and relative numbers, based on a survey embedded in the ticket shop.
  • Reach of website and social media channels, specified to the extent of individual posts.
  • Comparisons with earlier editions of the festival – going back to 2013!
  • Charts that are easy to filter and export to a variety of file formats.

As this application includes quite delicate information, it is not open to the public. Are you interested in a similar platform and would you like to see behind the scenes? Let me know!

Type Non-profit
Client(s) Stichting Festival Aangeschoten Wild
Duration 08/2016 - 04/2017