Mediatraining in a Box

SciCom NL is a society for science communication professionals in the Netherlands, which aims to – among other things – share knowledge and expertise. Fitting with that goal, together with a number of fellow students Science Communication, I developed a press training. It provides a ‘starting kit’ for press officers of universities or other science institutes to set up a training for ‘their’ scientists. This might not be all the preparation scientists need for facing the most critical questions, but sure helps them to get their story out in the open.

In order to make the training as widely applicable as possible, we’ve catered information and exercises to a variety of group sizes and different media appearances. When preprating for a live TV-interview, for example, some things might be relevant that are not so important when speaking to a reporter for a print newspaper. Besides input of well-known trainers in this area, I have incorporated my own experience in the kit.

Curious to see what we’ve created? Please download it for free through SciComNL.

Type Non-profit
Client(s) SciCom NL
Partner(s) Leon Baas, Lenny Bakker, Kimberly Barentsen, Fred Balvert, Maxime Bisschops, Roy Meijer, Pascalle Vermeulen en Johan Vlasblom
Duration 06/2017