Meursing Institute Tests

Bureau Levenswerk develops “tools, training and coaching” allowing character coaches and trainers to “further grow their practices”. 

One example of these tools are tests which coaches can use to provide their clients with insights into their character traits. Coaches can also compare different persons within a group or family.

Previously, these tests were administered using complex Google Forms. Together with co-developer Jim van Hoeckel, I’ve built a completely new web-based system in about 9 months. The system’s features include the following:

  • Easy to manage surveys, that are at the foundation of the tests;
  • Automatic calculation of a ‘character score’, based on the survey answers;
  • Web and PDF view of the character report, including explanatory text, figures and graphs;
  • Report designs that can be adjusted by each coach separately, in order to match the reports to their corporate identities;
  • Extensive documentation for website managers and a F.A.Q-page for users of the system.

Apart from the log-in page, this website is not publicly accessible. If you’re looking for a similar solution and would like to take a look at the inner workings, please contact me.

Type Commercial
Client(s) Bureau Levenswerk
Partner(s) Jim van Hoeckel
Duration 07/2017 - 04/2018