Privacy statement

This website (, which you can also reach through and does not process any personal information. Except my own – and I’m okay with that.

You’ve read right: data gathering for analytics purposes is completely anonymous, rather than using a contact form you can send me a message directly and there’s nowhere you can post a comment.


That only leaves cookies for functional or (as aforementioned) analytics reasons. These make sure this websites looks and operates as it should – and allow me to keep track of the popularity of the various pages and portfolio-items. Indeed, self-praise is part of the job.

No cookies are stored by ads, advertising platforms or social media.

Embedded content

Rarely if ever, I might embed content hosted on other websites, such as a movie clip. That content will act exactly the same as if you saw it through the source site – such as YouTube.


Still got an unresolved question? I’m happy to answer it.