Reputatiegroep is a firm advising and supporting businesses and organisations with building, protecting and strengthening their reputation. Following a four-month internship at the consultant, I have developed a completely new website – in close cooperation with my former colleagues.

The company had three important requests: seamless operation over a wide range of devices, an up-to-date appearance with more room for imagery and simplified content management.

Without a doubt, the new site meets these demands. The navigation structure was drastically simplified and we chose a lay-out putting more emphasis on photography and images. Moreover, the front page is a dynamic one-page summary of what the firm has to offer, and what’s going on.

Especially noteworthy is the integration of related content, on each page and sub-page of the website. Biographies of all consultants link to their latest blog posts, for example, and pages showing the services the company provides are supported with news and publications related to that topic.

Type Commercial
Client(s) Reputatiegroep
Duration 02/2018 - 06/2018