On the off chance you haven’t noticed from my portfolio or resume: I build websites, take photographs, do interviews and write articles. And I’d happily do that for you, too!

I prefer working together the following way.

Involved client

In everything I do, I like an actively involved client. One who knows what he (or she) wants, quickly responds to questions or concepts and leaves me some freedom to decide how I want to solve a particular problem. Why I like this? Simply because I’m convinced such a collaboration yields the best result.

Following this, I prefer to work with clients that publish and manage the content of their websites themselves. Of course, having me do the more technical maintenance is no problem – for a fixed, yearly fee.

Freelancing on the side

I really like my freelancing work, but in the end, my main job is my priority. For time-critical jobs and quickfixes, I sacrifice a night’s sleep without a doubt: I don’t let my clients down.

Moreover, doing this work on the side means I prefer smaller assignments (up to about 100 hours of work), that didn’t had to be done yesterday.

Have something bigger in mind, of are in a hurry anyway? Please, reach out. I might be able to arrange some help, or change my priorities – given the right price.

Shared risks and good deals

Every hour I spend ends up on an invoice. Of course I can make an estimate beforehand, but in the end, I always bill the time I have actually worked on your project. In case that’s less than expected, you save money. In case I get the idea I won’t be able to finish within the budget we’ve agreed upon earlier, I’ll let you know in time so we can simplify the project, or increase the budget. Intermediary updates on the amount of hours logged up to then are always included with my service.

All of the above makes that I can make good deals. Regardless, if you only have a small question that can be answered through e-mail, I’m happy to help out free of charge.

But what is it you actually do?

It’s difficult to be any more specific than the categories in my portfoliowebphotography and writing – without sacrificing the breath of the things I do.

Still want a few pointers?

  • Web: websites or web-applications in WordPress, built from stratch (more expensive) or based on an existing theme (less expensive); plug-ins for WordPress-websites; maintenance; webhosting.
  • Photography: technical stuff; architecture / buildings; (group) portraits. I leave weddings, funerals and similar evens to photographers more experienced in these fields and don’t have a photography studio.
  • Writing: newsletters; interviews; (final) editing.
  • Other: data analysis and processing; communication advice and trainings.

Not exactly what you’re looking for?

Don’t hestitate to send me a message anyway, because I might just be able to help you out.