During the last weeks of September, I took to the Black Forest in Germany for a holiday break. A beautiful area, where it still gets truly dark at night. As there were clear skies as well, I took my chances of photographing the stars.

The images that I show here are compositions of multiple photographs, as detailed in the table. This technique allows to visualise the motion of the night sky. It’s not the stars that move, though, but the Earth that rotates. The Pole Star forms the centre of the circles.

PhotoNumber of photo’sSettings
Top44010mm, f/5.6, 30 sec., ISO 400
147410mm, f/5.6, 30 sec., ISO 320
223910mm, f/5.6, 30 sec., ISO 320
317110mm, f/5.6, 30 sec., ISO 400
Type Personal
Duration 09/2020