STUYT architecten: log book

STUYT architecten, a small architecture firm for whom I previously developed a new corporate website, has a lot of clients in the car wash industry.

In order to collect and easily make available all relevant (technical) details on the installation and products used, I developed an online log book slash data portal. Working from the layout developed for the corporate STUYT site, clients of the firm – owners of the car wash installations, that is – can easily view and download documentation. The system works with a host of different file types and formats, ranging from PDFs to technical drawings.

A key priority was to ensure a great user experience on mobile phones, as users would not always have a PC or laptop at hand. Despite the challenges of working with small screens and a lot of (pre-formatted) information, a clean and clear result was achieved.

As you might imagine, this website is not publicly accessible. If you’re looking for a similar solution and would like to take a look at the inner workings, please contact me.